Travel at speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour without moving a muscle
On-board gyroscope helps you stay balanced as you effortlessly cruise
Self-balancing platform means there's no learning curve to overcome
Gives you the sensation of gliding on a cloud
Enjoy up to 25 kilometres of travel on a single battery charge
Water resistant design is built to stand up to the elements
Simply lean forward and backwards to achieve balance
Climb safely to angles of up to 20 degrees
Features a durable anti-collision housing
The Samsung high-density lithium-ion 36V battery fully charges in an hour and lasts up to 1800 cycles
Maximum weight capacity of 120 kilograms
The high-quality pure copper motor generates 500 watts of power
Includes 1-year warranty (parts)
CE and ISO certification

Sologear K3 Black 500W